1. The sun is still striking the glass causing heat gain in the living space. It cannot be temporarily removed, it is like having permanent sunglasses on your windows.
  2. Voids the warranty on the majority of manufacturer’s window warranties.
  3. If not installed correctly the customer can see visible lines and bubbles. Even if tint or film is installed correctly – tends to bubble, peel, and crack after a few years of exposure.
  4. Window Film can cause thermal shock fracture when installed on insulated glass windows caused by an increase of heat and pressure between the panes of glass. Think of a really sunny day in winter. This is why window manufacturers void all warranties!
Where possible, In'Flector will be pleased to bring a panel or blind to your business or home to demonstrate the efficiency of our product and prove just how well they work.

Reduction in Solar Heat Gain is another way of saying Solar Energy Rejected. Solar Energy Rejected is the ratio of the amount of total solar energy in the full solar wave length range (300-2100 nanometers)* that passes directly through a glazing system, to the amount of solar energy falling on that glazing system.

What this means is that on a normal summer’s day, about 600 watts of solar heat energy will fall on every square metre of our eastern and western windows for about four hours every day: the eastern windows in the morning and the western windows in the afternoon.

Solar energy does three things when it strikes a surface:

  1. Some is reflected: some of this reflected energy is what enables us to see the object.
  2. Some may be transmitted: this only occurs if the object is transparent or translucent.
  3. The balance is absorbed by the body as heat energy which raises the temperature of the body. Solar energy is not in itself hot, but it is called heat energy because of this phenomena.
Users are reporting that they are still happy with In'Flector Solar Blinds under a glass roof after twenty years and behind vertical glass after thirty years. Our only concern with making such extended claims is that although the blind may look fine after that amount of time, it may not be working as well as it was in the first half of its life.

Any sun affected window or any cold affected area, but they are a blind you have when you would really prefer not to have a blind at all, so they work best in a window with a view.

For an In'Flector Solar Blinds to reach its full potential it must be placed where it can take, and reflect the full force of the sun. Therefore Reflective Blinds are always installed in front of all other blinds and curtains. It is always the closest window furnishing to the glass.

Yes. Low-E argon gas filled windows are a very good product within the window category, however even low-E allow for around 60%* heat transfer rate through the glass both summer and winter, Inflector Solar Blinds reduces this transfer to less than 20%.

Yes. Regular blinds absorb the heat to some degree for both winter and summer application and the insulating factor is around an R2* unless you have the very heavy insulating curtains (velvet / wool) then the R factor goes up to around 8-9*. In'Flector Solar Blinds allow for an unobstructed view with an R factor of around 10 (windows are measured in U values, however people are not familiar with the system and we have recalculated the values into an R measurement).

In'Flector blinds, utilizing the Inflector, use proven results; silver on the one side and black on the other side. No other colours perform in comparison. When the In'Flector blind is fitted, its colour isn’t visible from inside the building as it becomes see through.
The colour choice of silver on one side and black on the other side of the patented In'Flector material is the secret behind the savings realized by everyone who installs the panels and blinds. The Silver side reflects heat out during summer making your building much cooler and saving loads on AC cooling costs. In winter the basic operation as a window insulator will save energy but the ability of the In'Flector to heat up as a passive solar panel and re-radiate that heat into your building will add to the savings on your heating bills. In'Flector is a year round all season’s energy saver and thermal comfort solution.
Please note, all our blinds and panels provide daytime privacy only. Think of a one way mirror; you always see through to where the light is brightest. At night, the light is brighter indoors so you can see in. To remedy this, either use a curtain, a second opaque shade or use a bright outdoor light near the window to balance the lighting environment.
The blinds immediately reduce your heating and cooling bills, with a typical payback period of 2-4 years. The blinds will end up saving you money by putting money back into your pocket year after year. Please contact us or our local dealer for a free home or business estimate.
  • You can crease them
  • You can crush them
  • You can scratch them
  • All of which you can do to most other blinds, but you can’t tear them
  • While they are protecting you and your furniture, they are sacrificing themselves to the ravages of the sun
  • These blinds are not designed to provide privacy at night when your lights are on
  • They are not awnings, and cannot be installed successfully in outside applications
  • In combination with screens they can produce a moray visual effect

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