About In'Flector

In'Flector is transparent, internal, sun and temperature control shade. It was developed by NASA engineers and is a product of USA.

In'Flector has the benefits of reflective window film, double pane glass (double glazing) and window blind combined together. It has the solar shade performance of reflective window film, the thermal insualtion performance of double pane glass and easy installation and flexibility of window blind. In winter it can set to absorb sunlight to generate heat to warm up the room.

The angular perforation allow for light transmission to be of similar wavelength as your retinal receptors, thus preventing headaches, and eye strain.

In'Flector aids in stabilizing indoor temperature, allowing natural light in and reflecting back solar heat and UV rays. It helps to provide a safer, comfortable environment along with lower energy bills. In'Flector can reduce energy costs by up to 50% by addressing the least efficient aspect of our homes and building, the windows. It alleviates thermal discomfort by reducing heat gain and lowers cooling and electric lighting costs.

Key Features

  • In the summer, In'Flector block solar heat out and make your rooms cooler and more comfortable.
  • In cold climates, you have the option to reverse the In'Flector (some installation methods only) and it becomes a passive solar heat source for all windows facing the sun which will provide free heat on sunny days.
  • Reduces solar and reflective glare & blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays.
  • Provide privacy in daytime (One way vision)
  • See through material keeps rooms bright by allowing natural light inside.
  • In'Flector will improve the energy performance of a single pane window by over 70%!
  • In'Flector will improve the energy performance of a double or insulated glass window by over 40%!!

Contact Details

Telephone:852-3568 1719
Email: info@inflector.com.hk
Website: www.inflector.com.hk


Room 4, 15/F, Ricky Centre,
36 Chong Yip Street, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong